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Household Items


$2.09 (c) 100 min
$2.02 (c) 200 min
$1.82 (c) 200 min
$1.58 (c) 200 min
$1.28 (c) 250 min
$1.13 (c) 300 min
$1.11 (c) 300 min
$1.08 (c) 250 min
$1.08 (c) 300 min
$1.06 (c) 300 min
$0.84 (c) 300 min

Who doesn't love a flyswatter and the classic bag clip? Household promotional products offer the ultimate in practicality for every home. With the success of food networks, home cooking has taken on a new emphasis and promotional kitchen items are popular. Household items are great for banks and real estate agents, store giveaways and wellness events.

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